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Friday, September 3, 2010

Viewer's Choice Results: Red

Here are your results!
Thanks to everyone for once again participating and congratulations to those who have earned bragging rights for the week :)

3rd Place goes to:

2nd Place is awarded to:

And your 1st place choice for the week is:

Enjoy your bragging rights - you earned them!

Up next: Landscapes. Look for an entry thread later today.


  1. Congrats ms. Magoo and Christina!! I voted for both of yours. Love them!!! Mrs. Magoo... yours is soo stinking cute, I think you should frame it or sell it on etsy!

  2. Awesome captures!! Congrats ladies :)

  3. awesome three! i voted for 2 of them also :)

  4. And congrats right back atcha, Care! I loved your shot -- so fun!

    Mrs.Magoo, I really, really loved yours. Ditto Care on framing it!

  5. Congratulations ladies - job well done! I loved both of yours!! (Christina, I think my parents had those red books and encyclopedias when I was a kid)

    Thanks so much everyone for voting me #1 - I'm in complete SHOCK. Wow. Back story to the ladybug - I went to get ready for bed one night in the bathroom and there it was on the counter and with all that white, I knew I had to take a pic! Thanks again everyone!! I should frame it :)