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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Your Submissions: Landscapes

Apologies for the delay in posting. Some technical difficulties and then inability to access a computer. To make up for the lost day, voting will be extended to Friday at midnight. Results will be posted Saturday.

My goodness. makes me want to hop on a plane and travel the world, shooting vistas and nooks and crannies wherever I go. great job ladies!

This week, everyone is voting. Woot!

1. AFWells

2. Amanda (Mr&MrsS):

3. AmberWaves:

4. Amy (lizlemon):

5. BarbaraM:

6. Briannaj

7. cassiedianne:

8. Christina:

9. Chrystal:

10. Janine:

11. Jessica (jazzyexpo):

12. kristinp36:

13. Laceysmom:

14. Laura (livy091606):

15. Laurie12820

16. Lenebene

17. Leslie:

18. Lisa:

19. littlemaybaby:

20. LitosMena:

21. LovingMyLife:

22. Luckystar2

23. Magdusia:

24. Gertie629:

25. MrsE:

26. Querylove:
(click image for larger version on Flickr page)

27. SarahRT

28. shindylahoe:

29. The Boss Lady:

30. TheFranklins:

31. tiffany:

32. tilden2:

33. vtkendra:

34. Yakigna:

voting thread will be posted next!


  1. So Beautiful! It always is and is always hard to choose just 3!

  2. seriously, how does one decide?!?! great job ladies!

  3. OMG, these shots are beautiful. I can't compete...you guys are incredible!